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12x12 Iron Orchid Designs IOD Decor Stamp  This stamp will allow you to create beautiful wreaths or swags for all your designs.  Pair with an initial or other center image, to create a classic monogram look.  IOD stamps can be used with IOD ink or Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® or even food dye, for baked goods!  Intricately detailed, and so easy to use, you'll be designing like a pro!  Pair with IOD Thin Mounts, with their printed grid lines and arcs, to perfectly align and stamp every time.  

Wreath Builder Classic IOD Decor Stamp

  • Before your very first use, it's best to 'prime' your brand new stamp for best results.  Simply use any high grit sandpaper (220 is good), so sand the surface of your stamp lightly, in one direction.  Rotate 45 degrees, and sand one direction again, perpendicular to your first sanding strokes.  That's it!  You're ready to stamp!

    Load your stamp by pressing an ink pad onto the surface of the stamp, or use a roller to apply a small amount of Chalk Paint®

    Always wash your stamps right away after each use, with simple soap and water.  Allow to dry completely, and return to their backing for storage.

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